Low poly image in Houdini

Low poly image

add grid node row: ch("sizey")*100 (so it always has squares!) columns: ch("sizex")*100 add attribute from map node image settings tab -> check invert V coord texture map: select image (rightclick on light -> disable specular) (shading -> flat shading) add scatter node (press d -> geometry -> increase point size) add triangulate node add attribute promote node Original Name: Cd Original Class: Point New Class: Primitive copy grid and attribfrommap nodes grid2: copy relative width/height values from grid1 add add node check Delete geometry but keep the points add merge node merge scatter1 and add1 scatter node: check density attribute: Cd uncheck Relax iterations force total count: 409 (PLAY WITH THIS VALUE!!!!!) add spray paint node before scatter node disable scatter node select then handle (red/green arrows left edge menu) then paint!



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Veröffentlicht: 08.2019