Houdini: Setting up the ortho_grids

Setting up the ortho_grids

add geo node, name it ortho-grid delete file node add grid node set rows 2 and columns 2 add uv project node initialize tab -> initialize (verify by adding temporarly quick shade node) | -----------------|-------------- | | transform node transform node x direction y direction | | add merge node, merge all 3 together add group node after sideview transform node group name: $OS, then rename node: sideview (this just sets the groupname to same as node name) toggle group icon (below lamp on right side of viewport) to verify add material node after merge node material palette (tab in node window) -> scroll to Utility -> drag Constant rename it sideviewMat material node -> Material: mat/sideview_mat material palette -> sideview_mat -> surface -> color map -> select IMG add transform node under each group to rotate it material palette, duplicate sideview_mat to topview and frontviewmat add another material node select top group adjust other views and materials, add transform nodes to rotate them

adjusting opacity of ortho grids

just after the merge, add a attribute wrangle node in code editor write: @Alpha = 0.5; (help-> type geometry attributes)


@Alpha = chf("Opacity"); then click slidericon next to it to active slider then slide a value :D

creating a HDA (Digital Asset) out of it

in nodes -> go to top level -> right click on ortho node -> create Digital Asset detroy spare paramters (then Operator type properties window will pop up) /files/3d_presets/hda go to parameters tab -> select all -> check invisible right side, click invisible to hide other stuff go back into asset -> find material path alt+middlemouse click auf Material (it will be then in UI) alt + middlemouse click auf Opacity (in attribute wrangle node)


to make it work with front/side/top sliders just create the UI manually and reference the values -> copy parameters/paste ref usw to save it, right click -> save node type . -> match current definition to use the HDA, right click in node window -> Digital Assets -> ortho