Knifing tube and bevel in Houdini

Knifing tube and bevel

add tube node add knife node HIT ENTER then knife circles show up Direction: 1 0 0

select the cut procedurally

add group node under knife node group type: edges check Enable Keep in Bounding Regions (go to knife -> distance, copy parameter) Keep in Bounding Regions -> Center: centroid("../tube1", D_X) + ch("../knife1/dist") centroid("../tube1", D_Y) centroid("../tube1", D_Z) (so if there are changes to knife/height/segments!!) Keep in Bounding Regions -> Size: (relative ref from tube radius, if there are changes to radius!!) rename group: knife-edges (rename inside!) add polybevel node under group node select knife-edges group output groups: check edge faces add polyextrude node under bevel node select bevelprims group now extrude!!

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Published: August, 2019