Pyro simulation with directional source in Houdini

Pyro simulation with directional source

add geo node for the source select geo node -> top menu pyro -> find wispy smoke go to AutoDopNetwork pyro (smoke object) initial data tab -> wind tunnel direction: 1 then adjust smoke object container pyrosolver -> simulation tab -> time scale: 0.5 cooling rate: 0.5 buoyancy lift: 0 buoyancy dir: 0 v2 (instead of initial data, wind tunnel) buoyancy lift: 2 buoyancy dir: 1 0 0 pyrosolver -> shape -> Dissipation: 0.3 Disturbance: 3 Sharpening: 0.3 Turbulence: 0.3

changing direction of smoke

add a gas wind node (feed into merge2 node, next to source density) time scale: 0.5

adding colliders

select collider (geo node) -> collisions shelf -> click static object (this should add some nodes to the DOP network) inside DOP network -> static object -> Collisions tab -> Volume division size: 0.02 (or less as division size in pyro node)

increase density

in AutoDopNetwork find source-density node density -> scale: 5

start simulation on a different frame

AutoDopNetwork -> pyro (Smoke Object Node) -> Creation check Creation Frame specifies simulation frame Creation Frame: 1000 (right click on Creation Frame -> delete channel) check Solve on Creation Frame

caching simulation

go to pyro import node import pyrofields -> save to file tab click Save to disk then check Load from Disk on top

cache sim to use it in other files:

add file cache node under DOP Import (in pyro-import node) save as

load cached simulation in new file (and shift frame position)

add file node (now easily transform it) add time blend node to shift frames to another position Evaluation mode: fit range Output frame range: set new range here (right click on fields -> delete channel)

reverse/invert simulation

add time blend node output frame range: 500 1 input frame range: 1 500 uncheck interpolation

Published: August, 2021