Image Process of 3D Product Rendering

3D viewer for interactive sales presentations

Whether images, videos or real-time 3D viewers – Rendorama helps to present product images photorealistically and interactively via 3D.
Our high degree of automation allows us to maintain high image standards while still charging reasonable prices. We provide the 3D renderings in high resolution, cropped, with convincing shadows, transparency and a fast order processing. Color correction and post-processing of the 3D renderings are also included.

Scene montages and camera mapping

Photoshop was yesterday, nowadays products can be conveniently placed in appealing stock photos via 3D. For this, first the existing camera data from the stock photo is calculated, such as focal length, angle of view and camera position. Then a virtual camera with the same data is placed in the room. Now the product can be moved into the right position. Finally, the lighting setup will be based on the stock photo and then the scene can be rendered. We are more than happy to place your products in appealing stock photos as well.


3D viewer for the browser

3D viewers combine all the advantages of presenting 360-degree images, but offer many more exciting options in addition to the incredibly smooth, stepless movements.

The product can be zoomed in at will and is completely movable in space – so it’s fun to explore all the details in more detail using the mouse. Even animations, e.g. opening parts, can demonstrate the functionality of the product.

Furthermore, variations with different materials can be defined for each product. The rendering is done in real time by the browser and the data to be transferred is only about 2-5 MB per viewer. We provide the iframes – for easy and convenient embedding into customer websites.
More examples:

360° product rotations from image sequence

Thanks to 360° product images, you can rotate the product around to examine it from all angles. They provide an interactive and emotional shopping experience for customers, improve the user experience on the website and provide a more comprehensive understanding of the product. Also, when combined with 3D rendering, this allows products to be presented in an eye-catching way before it has even been manufactured. That’s why a 360 degree product viewer is a great tool for any company that wants to get their products to market as quickly and as efficiently as possible – from concept to photorealistic product presentation in a matter of hours.