A detailed briefing is the first step on the road to 3D product renderings.

Before starting with a 3D product rendering, it is often helpful to talk about goals, products and new ideas. This not only simplifies project planning, but also leads to excellent results. The more precisely the customer’s wishes and requirements are formulated, the faster the 3D product rendering usually proceeds. In addition to meaningful reference material, detailed questions in the briefing are also helpful. The following is an excerpt from our questionnaire.

Briefing questions:

  • What sets you apart from your competitors? USP?
  • What values would you like to communicate through the product rendering?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Stylized 3D (e.g. line drawing for user manual) or photorealistic 3D renderings?
  • Where will the 3D product rendering be used afterwards?
  • 3D output format? 3D still image/3D animation/Web360 rotation? Resolution?
  • How many renderings and camera angles do you need?
  • How do we get the 3D model? Reference photos? Drawings? 3D data?
  • What materials should be used on the product?
  • Is there artwork or a logo that should be placed on the product?
  • Time frame for creation?
  • A sample animation or 3D rendering whose style you really like?