Massive virtual photo studios and Hollywood lighting setups.

High-quality product images are characterized mainly by appealing lighting. Reflective or metallic surfaces are oftentimes a major challenge here. Thereby, the actual size of the light source determines which types of shading are created and can also influence the shape of the reflection.

Rendorama can produce extensive lighting setups through digital photo studios. This is much more cost-friendly per 3D than on traditional film sets.
Similar to traditional photo studio environments, softboxes are often used as a light source for metal products. The products can thus quickly be put into the best light virtually. Multiple photo studio environments are readily available as well – digitized specifically for product rendering.

Thanks to efficient 3D setups, color adjustments or corrections of reflections on the product can be made in real time, which would not be possible in analog photo studios setups (or Photoshop) – guaranteed dust-free!


Product-specific lighting.

All surfaces produce reflections of varying sizes. Textiles often reflect dully, whereas glossy car paints reproduce the whole environment in detail. Some of these reflections only occur when light hits the surface from a specific set of angles. After determining which type of reflection best suits the product, the angle group determines where exactly the light should appear – so when lighting watch and jewelry scenes, the lights are usually visible in the reflections. For packaging, on the other hand, the lights and camera are often placed so that the matte surfaces of the material are emphasized.