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Boutique 3D-Agency
in Switzerland.

We help companies simplify their image production
and showcase their products emotionally
and interactively.


We render photo-realistic 3D product images
for websites, catalogs, social media
and sales presentations.

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Executives and marketing managers come to us:

  • if they want to have a photo-realistic picture of their product ideas;
  • if they are looking for a competitive edge by increasing their online store sales with high-quality 3D product renderings;
  • if they want to rotate, zoom, animate and interactively showcase their products;
  • when they're fed up with time-consuming Photoshop retouching and complicated packshots in dusty photo studios;
  • when they are under considerable pressure because an important trade show is about to begin and the pictures of the prototypes are still missing;
  • if they are frustrated by boring presentations and flat sketches and would rather have high quality 3D animations to score better with the customer;
  • if they need attractive product renderings with good lighting at reasonable prices.
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Rendorama provides first-class modeling,
lighting and texturing for the retail,
medical and industrial markets.

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Clients are experiencing a significant increase in their market value and rave about our work because our solutions differ greatly from available alternatives:

  • International brands and advertising agencies were able to cost-effectively deliver their graphic production thanks to our 3D product-rendering services. We always deliver directly; with us you are right at the source of the 3D know-how!
  • We visualize in a specific product-oriented way, which allows us to use those techniques that are best suited to the particular product. We roll up our sleeves and explore all the properties of the materials. So don't be surprised if we start tapping on your sample, feeling it with our fingertips or taking a close look at it from all sides.
  • No one plans product renderings better or responds faster. That is our specialty.
  • It's personal. When you hire us, we reach for the stars so that our current work is always the best we have ever created.