Create a spiral, helix in Houdini

Create a spiral, helix

spiral with adjustable diameter

(starts off with a small radius and grows larger each turn then fades of again at the end, i.e. snail shell, octopus arms) add spiral node turns: 5.31 increase per turn: 0.1 check radius ramp set 2 points, first low and second high construction: clockwise start angle: 203 divisions per turn: 100 add circle node primitive type: polygon orientation: XY plane check reverse radius: 0.1 0.1 add sweep node feed spiral in first input (backbone curves) and circle in second (cross section) end cap type: single polygon to vary the radius, diameter: check apply scale along curve scale ramp: ,,.--.,

creating a twisted donut

add labs spiral node radius: 0.01 0.025 height: 0.2 loops: 2 helix count: 2 add fuse node group: select top 2 points uncheck snap distance

check if multiple primitives

click on display primitives numbers icon (on right side of viewport) add polypath node to connect the 2 curves add polywire node wire radius: 0.03 add subdivide node

v1 for bottles

add labs spiral node add polywire node add transform node to move it into position (add polyextrude node reduce size of endings)


add curve node, vertical with 2 points add resample node uncheck max. length segments: 100 add point(old!) node values: sin($PT/$NPT * 360 * 5) $PT/$NPT cos($PT/$NPT * 360 * 5) then add another resample node check max segm Treat Polygon As: Interpolating Curves


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Published: August, 2020