Creating a fence in Houdini

Creating a fence

outer poles and curve

create some geo for the pole create a curve (4 points, base line of the fence) feed them into copy to points node add resample node (below curve node) max segm length: 2.3 (to order points numbers) add delete node operation: delete non-selected entity: points number tab -> operation: delete by pattern pattern: 0 $N (to delete first and last point) add orient along curve node uncheck Y axis tangent (Z axis): N (or use polyframe node instead tangent name: N) (this sets normals to align with tangent of curve, to align poles in the direction of the curve) add attribute expression node attribute: normal(N) VEXpression: multiply by constant value constant value: 1 0 1 (add upwards pointing normals to points)

inner poles and distribution

add inner pole geo add copy to points node and feed attribute exp node and geo add a merge node and merge both copy to points nodes

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Published: June, 2023