Falling objects, RBD, Collisions in Houdini

Falling objects, RBD, Collisions

create geo node with single object, subdiv, assign materials add geo node with multiple objects inside add a box/tube primitive type: points divisions: 3 (or use add node to delete geo but keep points) add object merge node to bring in single object then use copy to points add geo node with box (as outer container) create boxes with thickness, use booleans and clean geo (on top shelf add: rigid bodies and Collisions) select geo node with falling objects Rigid bodies -> RBD Objects select geo node with box for containment Collitions -> Terrain Object then press Play Button on timeline (set real time playback)

cache sim to use it in other files:

add file cache node under DOP Import save as bgeo copy over materials to new scene add file node and read in bgeo file add pack node afterwards to unpack

Published: March, 2023