Mirroring multiple objects in Houdini

Mirroring multiple objects

add source object which will be copied:

add tube node (cone) rotate: 90 0 0 radius: 0 0.5 add match size node (to align bottom of objects) justify Z: min

add some points to copy object too:

add sphere node primitive type: polygon mesh rows: 3 coloumns: 6 (circle wouldn't work, it needs to be a 3d object, like sphere or tube to get outside pointing normals) add normal node add normals to: points (add scatter node for nicely random points which have normals) add add node (or extract all points node) check delete geometry but keep points add blast node remove top most and bottom most point (so there is only a middle row of points, check if normals point outside) add copy to points node and feed tube and points (uncheck transform using target point orientations to align all in same direction)

randomize orientation (tilt):

(transforming the normal attribute) add transform node (after blast node) attributes: N then rotate in viewport to slightly change orientation add attribute randomize node (after transform node) Attribute Name: N Operation: Add value Distribution: Direction or Orientation Cone Angle: 50 Direction Attribute: N

randomize scale/color:

add attribute randomize node Attribute Name: pscale (for size) or Cd (for color) scale (for height) (find more in help under instancing point attributes)

randomize distribution (to create moss)

add scatter node (under grid) add attribute vop and go inside add bind export node name: pscale (and move it to end of network, will be last node) add unified noise static node connect P (of vopglobal) to pos and noise to input (of bind) frequency: adjust... fractal type: standard roughness: adjust...

randomize color (to create tiles)

add attribute vop node (under grid) run over: primitives (go inside the node) add a random node connect P (of vopglobal) to pos uncheck clamp position to integer add a color mix node connect rand (of random node) to bias connect clr to Cd (of vopoutput) set primary color to blue set secondary color to white (add multiply constant node before random node) (set a value to generate a different seed) add unified noise static node connect P (of vopglobal) to pos and noise to bias (of colormix) frequency: adjust... fractal type: standard roughness: adjust... (for nicer patterns than those of random node but less contrasty)

randomize roation

(under first scatter node or attribute vop) add scatter and align node (feed into second input!!) mode: add attributes to existing point cloud rotation around normal -> min angle / max angle


https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/copytopoints https://www.cgforge.com/blog/copy-to-pnts-0239751

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Published: September, 2022