Modeling water droplets in Houdini

Modeling water droplets

add some object then add a geo node: water droplets and go inside add object merge node and bring in the object transform: into this object add normal node Add normals to: Points (to oriented spheres based on surface and not globally) add scatter node Force total count: 1200 add sphere node rows: 24 columns: 48 add point vop node name it set pscale add anti alias noise node connect (global) P with pos middle mouse click on freq/offset -> promote add fit range node source min: -0.5 source max: 0.5 add ramp parameter node ramp type: float add fit range node middle mouse click on destmin/destmax -> promote add bind export node Name: pscale then go up one level, and set values on the VOP node: position: 1 value: 1 (add another point, move it up! drag first point too for more progressive scaling) minimum Value: 0.005 maximum value: 0.05 frequency: 30 30 30 add copy to points node (feed point vop node and sphere) ... there is much more ... see youtube video


Published: March, 2023