Motion camera, tracking on path in Houdini

Motion camera, tracking on path

add camera node press enter in viewport so the handles show up click small arrow icon on top of viewport -> split then set one on cam1 in viewport, right click on cam handles for more options check persistent, to make handles always visible check focus handle to get Depth of Field distance

move cam around object

add circle add null (middle) add cam select cam constraints tab -> follow path then select path, ENTER select null, ENTER

look at object

in camera: constraints field -> look at constraint select in viewport the object, ENTER next select the null (also in the viewport), ENTER deselect, press ENTER a third time (maybe define UP) now just move null object


use this to bank/rotate camera to the side set it up inside camera constraint, similar to lookat

depth of field

in perspective view, rotate to see the cam click on camera node, press ENTER now there should be a line towards the object the first part is the focus, control here! set very low f/stop: 0.1 add null node and name it focusnode camera -> Sampling tab -> focus field vlength(vtorigin(".","../focusnode")) in out channel put down mantra node mantra1 -> rendering tab -> enable depth of field


Published: August, 2019