Wavy paper with Vellum in Houdini

Wavy paper with Vellum

basic setup

add another grid node, name it lowres center: 0 10 0 rows: 20 columns: 80 add vellum configure clothes node then add 3 null nodes: geo, constraints, colliders add vellum solver node (and connect all) check Ground Position (to add a ground plane)

adjusting strech bend and animation

vellum cloth -> strech stiffness: 1 x 10 000 damping ratio: 0.01 vellum cloth -> bend stiffness: 1 x 10 000 damping ratio: 0.1 vellum solver -> substeps: 2 (so it's less bouncy) add attribute noise float node (in between vellumcloth and vellumsolver, first input) attribute names: float: dragnormal dragtangent operation: multiply range values: min/max min value: 0.80 element size: 10

adding wind

go into vellum solver node add pop wind node, feed it into FORCE wind speed: 2 amplitude: 0.5 swirl size: 20

animation settings

timeline -> icon global animation options FPS: 30 check real time toggle adjust frame range: 1-300

to get more preview frames

vellumsolver -> similation -> cache memory: 15000

caching simulation

add vellum io node file path: explicit geometry file: $HIP/geo/sim.$F.bgeo.sc add match size node (to drop to floor) justify Y: min

light setup and scene

add geo node, name it bg-grid inside add a grid node add environment light, give it some HDR tex

Published: January, 2024