Karma rendering setup solaris in Houdini

Karma rendering setup solaris

(use daily build!!) desktop -> solaris

adding geo to stage

add sop import nodes add transform nodes and position objects add material library node Material VOP: select from mat context here check Assign to Geometry Geometry Path: All Geometry Primitives (add merge nodes)

adding camera

(find nice position in viewport) crtl click on camera icon on top shelf (after merge node)

add lights

crtl click on environment light in top shelf Intensity: 3 Texture: set HDR here

enable karma

switch to karma viewport (Persp) add karma render properties node diffuse limits: 4 create snapshots with filmstrip icon (next to viewport)

adding lens shader

add physical lens in mat context Bokeh tab Shape: Polygonal Number of Sides: 5 ( = aperture blades) Rotation: 72 in camera node karma tab set or create -> check use lens shader set or create -> Lens Shader VOP: select shader sampling tab F-Stop: 0.5

set focus

switch viewport from karma to Houdini GL press z to get focus handles

render to disk

add karma node diffuse limits: 4 click render to disk and check in render scheduler



Published: August, 2022