Redshift matte, ambient occlusion, shadow in Houdini

Redshift matte, ambient occlusion, shadow


(works independant of object hight and radius adjustable!) add a grid node -> redshift OBJ tab -> Visibility check Primary Ray Visible uncheck Seconday Ray Visible (not for transp plastic!) uncheck Caste Shadows check Receives Shadows check Self-shadows check Cast AO (disable Matte tab!) create new rs material builder in mat context add rs material and connect to Surface preset: paper color: set to black backlighting color: set to Black add rs AO node connect out to opacity color of Material node settings: Samples: 56 Bright: set to Black Dark: set to White, Grey (controll transp.) Max Distance: 5 (control size here!) assign this material to grid node


(Problem: if high object, AO will spread too much!) add a grid node geo node -> redshift tab -> matte tab Matte Enable check show background check Apply to Second Rays check Affected by matte lights check Shadow Enable check Receive Shadows From Mattes check Affect Alpha then place a new HDR in scene, name: shadow-hdr in Objects tab Light Enabled for: bg-grid Shadow enabled for: here-object in all other lights, select in Objects tab: Light Enabled for: here-object Shadow enabled for: here-object * ^/obj/grid1 (all except grid1)

Published: August, 2020