Maxon Redshift install error 0xc000007b in Houdini

Maxon Redshift install error 0xc000007b


redshift installer file cannot be opened in Windows10 and throws this error: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)"


go to settings -> update & security -> windows security -> App & browser control -> Exploit protection settings -> Program settings -> click Add program to customise -> chose exact file path -> select RedshiftInstaller.exe Force randomisation for images (Mandatory ASLR) -> Check Override system settings -> Off Click Apply now the installer should start

This might help too:

update windows update NVIDIA drivers update .NET framework update Visual C Redistributable update DirectX

For errors in existings Houdini scenes after updating redshift:

Check if colors are still rendered correctly. If they suddenly look too dull/faded, try: redshift tab -> advanced tab -> globals -> rendering color space OCIO Rendering Space: scene-linear Rec.709-sRGB


Published: April, 2024