Basic mantra rendering settings in Houdini

Basic mantra rendering settings

change right dropdown to out render -> add mantra node select mantra1 node images tab (for srgb PNG) output picture: $HIP/$HIPNAME.$OS.$F4.png output device: infer from filename images tab (for multipasses) output picture: ip (so it opens ins viewer) output device: Open EXR extra images planes tab: check direct lighting check indirect lighting (will output multichannel render) Renderings tab -> Engine: Physically based rendering Pixel Samples: 3 3 is low, better 6 6 (fields must always be same! adjust noise level Limits tab -> Reflect: reduce to 3 (to make it faster...) Refract: reduce to 3 Click Render to Disk or Render to MPlay (open new tab: Render Scheduler to see list mit progress, if rendering to disk) (to view passes from EXR, Render -> Mplay -> load from disk) then export TIFF, 32bit in PS convert 32bis to 16bit, method Exposure and Gamma

Veröffentlicht: 08.2019