Emit particles from an object in Houdini

Emit particles from an object

add particles

add torus shelf -> particles -> Source Particle Emitter

add forces

uncheck gravity, to make the fly sideways select particles source node then click -> particles shelf -> wind popwindnode -> Amplitute: 1 (add noise) wind velocity: set direction here

adjust numbers of particles

go into DOP network -> source node -> birth tab birth rate: 5000 (particles every second) life expectancy: 2 (seconds) life variance: 1 (+/- 1 second variance)

instancing objects

add another geo object (platonic solid) type: soccerball pop source -> birth rate: 100 select platonic object in network view then in particles tab click instance geometry in source particles add instance node (now it should show up...) add unpack node to create actual geo

Veröffentlicht: 08.2020