Shortcuts in Houdini


alt + left/right arrow go to new network view (mat/out usw) alt + mouse rotate in space alt + middle mouse drag in space s select t move e scale r rotate y cut network line space + h frame active object tab add node, open node menu, tab menu shift + enter place node and automatically connect them space + mouse rotate zoom usw space in nodes paneo: to pan 1/2/3 switch between point selection/object selection modes p to show parameters for nodes space 123 pers/front/back/side views d in viewport, for display options w wireframe shift w shaded m toggle between object/world axis mode x to show snapping options space + 1 perspective view space + 2 top view space + 3 front view space + 4 right view space + 5 UV view mode radio menus (tab is faster and works in viewport too....) c pie menu in perspective view x snapping v viewport navigate networks i go down u go up p toggle parameters nodes u/i go into node / leave node shift + o make a visual collapsable group of nodes c color box, to colorize nodes ...more edit -> shortcuts crtl + node drag moves bottom part of nodes shift + node drag moves the top part of nodes

Veröffentlicht: 08.2020