Pyro simulation windtunnel in Houdini

Pyro simulation windtunnel

add geo node inside add testgeo add geo node, name it density emitter inside add 4 small spheres and merge add geo node, name it vel emitter inside add box select density emitter pyro FX shelf -> Billowy Smoke inside DOP network pyro node division size: 0.2 check: closed boundaries uncheck -Z and +Z source density node remove temperature and vel fields resize container node padding: 0.25 reference field: density pyrosolver node simulation tab: buoyancy lift: 0 (so it doesn't rise by itself) temperature diffusion: 0.03 shape tab: dissipation: 0.001 uncheck disturbance uncheck turbulence advanced tab: min substeps: 2 max substeps: 4 select collider (geo node) -> collisions shelf -> click static object (this should add some nodes to the DOP network) inside DOP network -> Collisions tab -> Volume division size: 0.2 (same as division size in pyro node) go into density emitter node copy last 4 nodes (create density, add noise, rasterize, OUT density) paste into into vel_emitter node (below box node) delete noise node (also delete in density emitter) go into vel emitter node pyro source node: delete temperature attribute change first attribute to velocity default value: 0 0 1 scale: 1 mode: volume scatter volume rasterize attributes node: attributes: v Null: rename it to OUT_vel go into DOP network copy source density from... node name it: source_velocity and connect to merge SOP path: OUT_vel source volume: v target field: vel scale: 0.5


Veröffentlicht: 08.2021