Upload 3d models to p3d.in in Houdini

Upload 3d models to p3d.in

export geo from houdini

add polyreduce node percent: 30% check Continuing within quality tolerance tolerance: 1e-06 check preserve quads or use 3D Coat or quad remesher for organic part shapes goal: max. 25'000 polygons (3mb obj) add rop geometry output node -> export obj (or right click -> export geo obj)

creating a shadow plane

saving out transp PNG

add a plane with UVs and assign shadow catcher tex go to top view and hold crtl + click on camera to add new cam then zoom in to fill square then render out EXR convert to PNG add flip node

saving out OBJ

copy the plane notes and merge it with geo (assign some tex) export geo with this plane

export tex from affinity designer

(original tex: 4000x4000 png) preset: 0.5x JPG high (2000x2000 @ 450kb) Achtung: unbedingt weisser bg setzen, sonst wird tex riesig mit transparenz

uploading to p3d.in

drag obj and tex into upload field select a texture path from dropdown click on T to add a PNG/JPG select another texture path click T again for the next texture, if there is more than one object for plastic materials like transparent top just use alpha slider below color field metalness: 0.103 roughness: 0.27 clearcoat: 0.132 clearcoat roughness: 0.078 (click Optimize Textures to reduce loading time)

use custom HDRs

(resize HDR in affinity photo to 512x256px) upload 512 x 256 HDR

ALWAYS check web performance!!

firefox -> shift cmd c -> network then load page and see bottom status bar (transferred MB)

embedding in website

open model page click on embed button (last icon) -> website -> iframe +nozoom disable zoom +nopan disable pan +spin enable pan


https://p3d.in/faq/materials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPq_H9AuZrs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqH5o6UI43I&t=1s https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_css_responsive_iframes.asp

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