UV flatten, creating seams in Houdini

UV flatten, creating seams

(setup UV sample scene) (setup UV viewport and visualizer) add attribute delete node vertex attributes: uv add uv flatten node flattening method: Angle based (ABF) (click into UV view window, press Enter) (crtl + b to maximize viewport) (shift + w to get wireframes) (use UV auto seams node and feed group) grain tolerance: 0.12 merge threshold: 0.1 click Cut Seams icon create some cuts/edge loops along the edges of the object make sure the control checkers are uniform and have the same size: if they are too big, create smaller areas if they are too small, create more seams along the edges click Straighten Edge Loops and create a line (with 2 clicks) on UVs with should be straight but is not, Enter when done hit repack button if greyed out, uncheck enable Manual Layout save texture to file: click on uv flatten node -> right click -> save -> Texture UV to Image add UV transform node and change scale or use UV edit node to move single UV shapes around to rotate UVs, go to UV map, then S and select the ones then press R to rotate, this will add an edit node

removing some UVs

just add a UV transform node, select a group then scale unwanted ones and move into corner add another UV transform node and enlarge wanted UVs



Veröffentlicht: 08.2021