Loading and saving USD files, USD Terminology in Houdini

Loading and saving USD files, USD Terminology

loading USD files:

change from obj to stage context (dropdown) add sublayer node file: select USD file here

saving USD files:

add USD ROP at the end, click save to disk

different USD file types

.usd Binary Version (usdc) .usda Ascii Version, can edit .usdz Archive (multiple layers) .mtlx MaterialX looks

USD Terminology

Solaris Houdini's toolset for USD, USD Universal Scene Description (before USD every renderer had his own "language" of how to assemble a scene) LOP Lighting operator nodes to generate USD Karma Houdini's USD renderer (with CPU or XPU Engine) Karma XPU requires MaterialX Shaders MaterialX Materials designed to be compatible between 3d-applications, like USD but for materials Primitive any object in the scene: i.e. geo, lights, cam Xform like a null/parent, movable Scope Nested, doesn't move, i.e. materials Component Single asset (a door, a window) Assembly Multiple components (assets) Layer a single usd file, can contain sub-layers Stage Final composition/result or scene graph, composed of layers Variants Variations of geo/material of asset with component builder


https://vimeo.com/850635627 https://vimeo.com/850635673 https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/solaris-is-sweet/

Published: November, 2023