Adding wiring in Houdini

Adding wiring

in sideview add a curve node (press ENTER) add resample node (display points in viewport) (display normals in viewport) uncheck maximum length check maximum segments treat polygon as: subdivision curves add polyframe node (to fix normals) entity: points style: two edges uncheck normal name Tangent Name: N uncheck Bitangent uncheck Make Frame Orthogonal add circle node type: polygon add sweep node check angle fix (so it keeps its volume) output tab -> output: skin with auto closere add normal node (or just add it before last big merge node!)

to test UVs

add uvflatten node (under sweep) flattening constraints -> click white arrow, press ENTER then double click in viewport on a line (=edgeloop), to create a seam add UV quickshade node

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Veröffentlicht: 08.2019