Cogwheels/Zahnräder, control with ramp in Houdini

Cogwheels/Zahnräder, control with ramp

add line node direction: 0 0 1 length: 10 points: 100 add attribute wrangle node (feed line node) @newy = fit(@ptnum, 0, @numpt-1, 0, 1); @P.y = ch("yscale")*chramp("myramp", @newy);

myramp parameters

(click on down arrow to maximize ramp window) add some points and for each point change: interpolation: Catmull-Rom Yscale parameter: 5 add circle node primitive type: polygon orientation: YZ Plane radius: 4 4 divisions: 5

change rotate x

rotate: 0.5*(180-(360/ch("divs"))) then select top line of circle delete it dissolve node: Delete Non-Selected check create curves when dissolving boundary add resample node check maximum segments segments: npoints("../line1")-1 add attribute expression node feed resample node and attribute wrangle node VEXpression: set(self.x, self.y + @opinput1_P.y, self.z) add copy and transform node Total number: ch("../circle1/divs") rotate x: 360/ch("../circle1/divs") add join node check wrap last to first


Veröffentlicht: 08.2020