Generating terrain with heightfields in Houdini

Generating terrain with heightfields

add hightfield node grid spacing = resolution of final scene add hightfield noise node set amplitude set roughness add hightfield pattern node combine with: Substract set height, pattern, size, jitter, wall, amplitude, roughness add hightfield remap node (like levels or fit range) change interpolation to B-Spline and set some points add heightfield blur node

adding a canyon

add a heightfield draw mask node draw a circle shape in the middle check invert mask set blur add heightfield remap node for first input feed base heightfield node feed draw mask node into second input set input min/max, position, value add heightfield noise and heightfield blur nodes add hightfield erode node Freeze at Frame: 60 (maybe add file cache and file node to save output geo) add convert heighfield node to convert heightfield to polygons change resolution with Density (or grid spacing value in first heighfield node) add file cache and file node to save output geo

Veröffentlicht: 08.2021