Importing vector from illustrator in Houdini

Importing vector from illustrator

exporting from illustrator

open SVG in illustrator save as illustrator 8 ai

importing into houdini

add file node add attribute delete node to remove Cd add transform node -> click move centroid to origin polyextrude node

clean up filled letter shapes

just make a cut through the letter in illustrator draw a line -> path -> divide objects below


just add hole node

more stuff

add color node enable point display add convert node U: 1 V: 1 (if it's just a illustrator line, add ends node)

splitting into groups

press s in top menu, choose 3d connected geometry (make selections) tab -> group (while still in viewport) then add blast nodes


(for older houdini verions, 19.5) add polydoctor node in topology tab -> check create Manifold Number Attribute add partition node Rule: manifoldnumber_$manifoldnumber add assemble node group: manifoldnumber_ add lots of color nodes and assign them to the groups...


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Veröffentlicht: 08.2021