Keyframes and animation in Houdini

Keyframes and animation

basic keyframing

change value, then LEFT ALT + click into field to set keyframe select node with animation in it, viewport -> animation editor

add some new animation data

go to other network -> CH viewport -> motionFX view add CHOP network node go inside, add wave node channel tab: use start/end, set end keyframes here name: r[xyz] waveform tab: period: 480 (or total frames) phase: $C*.33 add math node under wave node range: -1, 1 0, 480 then go to object, transform node -> rotation field right click -> expression -> edit expression chop("../SHOP/_out/rx") (network, node, channelname) chop("../../../ch/ch1/_out/rx") in CH network -> add noise node and set display flag name: r[xyz] (crates 3 channels) name channel -> seed: $C (to randomize each channel) underneath add math node -> multi-add tab multiply: 2 add limit node (to clip top/bottom) add filter node (to smooth it out again) (for many object add a pack node, makes it much faster....)

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