Model a glass/goldring in Houdini

Model a glass/goldring

(model inner AND out wall!) add curve node, close it add polybevel node group type points click white arrow (next to group) select the corner points (which should not be smoothed!), ENTER (points numbers should show up in group field: 0-1, 3 usw) shape: round set offset to something add resample node check resample by polygon edge uncheck maximum segment length check maximum segments Treat polygon as: Subdivision Curves add revolve node divisions: 24 add subdiv node depth 2

add glass and gold material

grab principal shader, there is a preset in there!! find the wheel icon on top!! same for gold

add lights

add envlight set HDR here add area light type grid intensity: 2 area light options tab area size: 3 3 add caustic light light mask: select area light here photon count: 500 000 filter samples 200

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Veröffentlicht: 08.2019