Quick UV mapping in Houdini

Quick UV mapping

add UV texture node or autoUV (gamedev) node (space + 5, to go to UV window) turn on display flag texture type: cylindrical check fix boundary seam add UV layout node add UV transform node fix rotation here (to flip text just change: scale: -1 in UV texture node) add UV quickshade node (for preview)

set up UV viewport

desktop -> save current desktop as -> UV mapping viewport -> 2 views side by side select 1 perspective, 1 UVs D -> effects -> lighting -> high quali check Ambient Occlusion level: 4 check reflections texture tab -> set display/viewport resolution here

remove old UVs

(if baked into object/mesh) add attribute delete node vertex attr. -> uvs

adding UVs the fast way

(= very fast/cheap way to add UVs, use for bg/low res objects) add UV unwrap node press ENTER to see pyramid/square for projection sides or use UV project node click initialize button

adding UVs the High quality way

UV texture node

add UV texture node ... chose texture type mode ... uniform spline for complex objects check FIX boundary seams

changing texture size/rotation

UV texture node -> Scale: 3 3 3

creating seams

in edge mode select seams add group node to store the selection

cutting with pelt node

(cut it with custom seams) add seams and groups add pelt node from texture shelf

or cutting with flattening node

add UV flatten node select seams

UV layout node

organizing UV layout with UV layout node

editing of UVs

add UV edit node press S -> Change Select Dropdown to UV connected geo then select in map and rotate/transform

Published: August, 2020