Hollywood portrait lighting in Houdini

Hollywood portrait lighting

place background image in nodes window as reference (node view port -> tools) shift + i add area light uncheck normalize light intentity to area add null object topshelf: constraints tab -> look at constraint then select in viewport the area light, ENTER next select the null (also in the viewport), ENTER deselect, press ENTER a third time (no up needed) now just move null object to get that look with sharp shadows: light type: disk area light options -> area size 0.02 0.02 enable spotlight, to get more control and place parts in the dark

light through fog

add box and boolean for window add another big bounding box around the scene add iso offset node mat -> shader -> pyro -> choose smoke preset here density: scale 0.15 in scene -> create material node -> apply material

add point light

control sharpness with cone delta

Veröffentlicht: 08.2019