Transform or rotate texture map or UVs in Houdini

Transform or rotate texture map or UVs

in karma shader

add mtlx texture coordinates node signature: vector 2 add usd transform 2d node add mtlx image node (feed result from transform node into texcoord channel) filename: select an image (or add wedge) add mtlx standard surface node (feed image node into base color) (see video in src for more)

in mantra shader

principled shader -> settings tab -> UV

in geo context

add UV edit node (after unwrap, flatten etc.) rotate: 0 0 90 pivot: 0.5 0.5 0.5 (to rotate around center)

in PDG

(in TOP network, with attribute create node afterwards) on the wedge node -> right click -> parameters and channels parameters -> edit parameter interface add string type in the field enter: `@yourWedgeName` right click on this field -> copy parameter navigate to the material network to the rotate parameter (see above) right click -> paste relative references


Published: January, 2024